‘I have to create my God. Till death.
And all of a sudden, the audience will come from somewhere.’

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Gazing at the varied oil and acrylic abstracts from Andrea Albert, one finds both urban-edgy landscapes and designs through to the colourful infusions of flowers and rivers. A landscape as varied as the painter’s birthplace.


Andrea Albert’s art reflects the diverse landscapes of her home city. Raised in the green suburb of Budapest known as the Valley of Roses, the varied cityscapes are clearly a source of great inspiration.

Cited by Forbes as ‘Europe’s 7 th most idyllic place to live Budapest is divided by Europe’s second-longest river, The Danube. In 2002, Budapest’s city’s Metro 1 underground line was officially a UNESCO Heritage site.


Hungarian abstract painter, Andrea Albert, adored art all her life, especially drawing on inspiration from Gregor Gáll’s sculptures in the Hungarian National Gallery, Veszprem Museum and KOGArt Art Foundation. Yet Klea only discovered and embraced her artistic talents later in life, at a time of both personal and professional transformation which resulted in a new career and direction.

Having worked extensively as a desktop publisher, Andrea Albert’s new career move to the full-time painter in 2011 was swiftly followed by a change in name to Klea. ‘Klea’ was more than a name, it was a symbol for Andrea’s personal triumph into becoming the artist she had dreamt of for so long, a name that derives from the Greek word ‘Clea’ meaning ‘triumph’ or ‘glory’. Using the name Klea is a powerful message of self-determination.

Self-trained, Klea feels the nature of her work is a visionary calling, both a creative and spiritual journey that started with landscape paintings. Klea’s initial small paintings (20 x10 cm in size) gradually grew as the depth of the modern world matured in her, now painting upwards from the smaller scales to 160×100 cm.


Working a glorious fusion of unusual materials, Klea melds building screws, nails, bake clays, paper, cotton rags, ribbons, and raffia oils and acrylics, all on the same canvas. Rich, textured paintings, mature abstracts with textural diversity and an infusion of majestic colours.


“My goal is to take you on a journey filled with emotions and values… My paintings reflect my out-of-the-way style and personality. I hope my pictures evoke new feelings in the viewer, like going on an adventure.”


Klea now feels she has arrived in her own space, immersing herself in her science and art, where she is constantly learning. Klea’s wish is to pass on whatever she creates for the people of this world.

“I hope is to make the viewer receive the message conveyed by my paintings, and feel their noble purpose.’

Klea is a well-travelled painter and currently lives near London. When she is not painting, Klea loves to walk through city streets and along coastal promenades for inspiration. You can visit Klea’s gallery by clicking here: http://www.kleaart.com/new-art-gallery

Written for Klea Art by Angie Lemon: paicepublicity@gmail.com




Think of the spaces you spend your life in… 

Your home… your office… your world…

Make them bold, unique, and special.

Transform them now with my painting! 









With LOVE,
Andrea Klea Albert

(Photographer: NORA VAMOS)




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