Who am I?

I’m a WOMAN.
I’m a woman abstract painter.
I’m a woman abstract painter and digital artist too.








“My goal is to take you on a journey filled with emotions and values… My paintings reflect my out-of- the-way style and personality. I hope my pictures evoke new feelings in the viewer, like going on an adventure.”




I feel I can best accomplish my career goals in the world of abstract paintings, where it’s been a long journey for me to arrive.


When I was younger, I was just amazed by artists and admired them. I couldn’t even imagine that one day this would be my world, too. When I was 40, I took a painting course where it became clear to me that this is what I want, this is who I am. And I started to create.


I was looking for myself, looking for the realm where I can accomplish this. I ended up in the abstract world.


Here I have found all that I can create. The world of colors, envisioning a composition and bringing a motif to life gives me countless opportunities. And I have only started experimenting!

I also started piecing and gluing my painting boards together and one time I really saw something in such a composition. Then I did it again and again, and out of this experimentation the “SCENE-OVER-SCENE PAINTING TREND” was born. This concept means more than anything to me.


It expresses how I imagine the identity of a new painting. Here I step out of the traditional canvas, break the traditional frame, and give my art an all new shape. I use at least 2 painting boards for a single work of art.



Then there’s the visual appearance. How it looks as a whole, and how I can combine different parts into a single unit. It is a very exciting game to emphasize what I really want to, to find out how I can bring it all to life so that its message gets through to my audience in a way that they do enjoy the overall effect and a harmonious overall composition. That’s what my SCENE-OVER-SCENE PAINTING TREND is all about.


I want to introduce the SCENE-OVER-SCENE PAINTING TREND to the planet, so people can get to know it and appreciate it. I would like to present my art at big exhibitions where my paintings can be seen “in person”. This is how I can bring my creations to a large audience.