Paintings to BE Happier
Paintings in your EveryDay Life
from KLEA



Andrea  Albert

I’m an artist who creates unique paintings that bring your area to the dynamism
that make you feel good all day.


A short story from my life that was a defining moment

The highest level of my swimming career I reached was at age 15.
That summer, I took part in a long-distance swimming competition. The race was by Lake Balaton in Hungary.
The Start was in Balatonfüred, a town on the northern side of the lake. The Finish was by Siofok on the lake’s south side, and the distance as the crow flies was 14 km.
I came second in the women’s competition. It was the most successful result of my Life.


What did it take to achieve this result?
This result is my perseverance, diligence, determination, willingness, and power, and two training sessions a day for six years.


And why am I writing this?
The dynamism in my paintings, the powerful harmony, the elegance of beauty, and the thousand faces of richness all show that I already had all in teenage Life.
And now, In my works, I can express all I have lived because of this me.


So, I can help you to dare to SOAR.
It’s worth the investment.



Welcome to this website, be curious; I am sure you will find what you wish.

If you have any questions, please send me a message.



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