The meeting of heaven and hell



Modern, abstract

Oil painting

Palette knife

90×85 cm

  The “SCENE-OVER-SCENE PAINTING TREND” was born. This concept means more than anything to me. It expresses how I imagine the identity of a new painting. Here I step out of the traditional canvas, break the traditional frame, and give my art an all-new shape. I use at least 2 painting boards for a single work of art. Then there’s the visual appearance. How it looks as a whole, and how I can combine different parts into a single unit. It is a very exciting game to emphasize what I really want to, to find out how I can bring it all to life so that its message gets through to my audience in a way that they do enjoy the overall effect and harmonious overall composition. That’s what my SCENE-OVER-SCENE PAINTING TREND is all about.

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